• 1.  Insights request

    Posted 18-10-2023 18:27
    Edited by Gina Dounis 18-10-2023 18:28

    I hope this message finds you well during these challenging times. As we navigate the current unrest in the Middle East, it's essential for our travel industry to come together and support one another.


    ATIA has of late received a number of phone calls from both consumers and industry members regarding the situation and we are grateful for this engagement.  We encourage you all to reach out to us any time - we are here to assist.


    I'd like to gather your valuable insights to enable us all to adapt, collaborate and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers and manage their bookings in the most productive way possible.


    I have a few questions in mind to get the conversation started:


    Industry Impact: Can you share how the recent cancellations and rescheduling of customers' holidays have affected your business or organisation? What specific challenges have you faced?


    Successful Strategies: Have you implemented any strategies or approaches that have proven effective in managing these disruptions and satisfying your clients.


    Additional Work: With the increase in work required to accommodate changes, are there any best practices or tools that you've found particularly helpful?


    Communication: How are you communicating with clients to keep them informed and address their concerns during these challenging times?


    Please feel free to share any other insights, concerns or suggestions you may have.


    Thank you for your dedication to our industry and your willingness to contribute during these uncertain times. We're in this together, and together we can navigate the challenges ahead.

    Gina Dounis
    Compliance & Membership Supervisor