NTIA Custodians to shape and champion Awards

By Amanda Rixon posted 11-03-2022 16:00


In recognition of the Travel Sector-wide support for the National Travel Industry Awards, AFTA today announced a plan to appoint NTIA Custodians to shape and champion the Awards.

Expressions of Interest in becoming an NTIA Custodian will be sought shortly.

NTIA custodians will be committed to the ongoing success and relevance of the annual event. They will be involved as advisors in lending their expertise and skills to guide the celebration’s development each year.

Quotes from Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) CEO Dean Long (who is available for interview)

“NTIA has always been about celebrating and recognising the best in our industry. We are committed to ensuring NTIA continues to be the pre-eminent awards program. In offering the highest recognition for business and individuals in our Sector, it is always a night worth celebrating and this year was no exception.”

“As we continue bringing our industry together and strengthening our shared voice, AFTA will be calling for nominations for the inaugural NTIA Custodian Council. The Council will consist of five representatives from five different segments: Retail Agency, Corporate, Online, Tour Operator/Wholesaler and Cruise/Air, and each will have an advisory role in the NTIA categories, questions and overall judging process.”

“The NTIA custodians will be volunteers who will each receive complementary tickets to the NTIA celebration.”

“The decision to appoint NTIA Custodians is an important and meaningful evolution of Travel’s night of nights. We’re very excited to get this process underway as we start planning our 2023 NTIA.”

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